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Construction Law & Defects Attorneys Serving Central Indiana

The Skilled Representation You Need in Construction Law and Defects Litigation

For many people, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make, both financially and emotionally. Because of this, it can be devastating when their dream home is marred by construction defects. At Brooks Koch & Sorg, we help homeowners take legal action to recover compensation when a construction defect has ruined their family home. We firmly believe that people deserve to have the quality homes that they and their families expected and invested in.

Unique Blend of Skills: An Architect and A Lawyer

Attorney Terry Sorg handles our construction defects cases, representing homeowners against the builders who ruined their homes. In addition to being a construction law attorney, Mr. Sorg is also a professional architect with more than a decade of experience. Along with 25 years of additional experience as an attorney, he brings his highly knowledgeable perspective to your case. Using his knowledge of the Indiana Home Improvement Act and Indiana building codes, he can assess the damage to your house and gain a significant advantage in the courtroom.

For Experienced Representation


Our Construction Law Practice

We handle a wide variety of legal matters related to construction defects and contract disputes, including:

  • Contract review and contract drafting

  • Collections/mechanic’s liens

  • Breach of contract, negligence and warranty claims

  • Litigating all aspects of construction-related claims

  • Improperly designed floors, ceilings and crawlspaces

  • Concrete defects

  • Roof leaks

  • Flashing failures around windows

  • Water damage and water intrusion

  • Toxic mold remediation

We strive to resolve your legal matter as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We will seek an out-of-court solution, when possible, but we are not afraid to take the dispute to trial, when necessary.

Discuss Your Legal Issue During an Initial Consultation

We fight hard for your rights and your health by collecting from builders and subcontractors, like electricians, plumbers and masons. As experienced construction law attorneys, we fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact lawyer and professional architect Terry Sorg by calling. You can also reach out online.